Important Moving Insurance Tips

Movers required to have a basic Moving insurance for your household goods. The basic moving insurance is usually between 0.60 cents - $1.25 per pound. Purchasing additional moving insurance coverage might be a good idea in case that you have valuable items.

There are three types of moving insurance coverage that moving companies or third party insurance companies can provide:

First type of moving insurance is Declared Value: The value of the household goods that you move is based on total weight of the shipment multiplied by some amount per pound usually between 0.60 cents - $1.25. For example: Your possessions weigh 12000 pounds and the mover provides moving insurance of 0.60 cents per pound, the mover insurance will cover up to $7,200. Settlement is based on the loss in value of damaged items. This insurance is based on shipment weight.
Second type of moving insurance is Lump Sum Value: This insurance is based more on the value of household goods that you transport. With lump sum value insurance protection you will get insurance for a specific amount depending on insurance provider, per $1,000 of value. You will need to know what is the specific value of your shipment and to declare the value in writing on the bill of lading.
Third type of moving insurance is Full Value Protection: Often called Extra Care Protection. The full value protection coverage includes damaged, lost, and destroyed items. The coverage will pay for the repair or replacement value of the damaged or lost items. Most moving companies set a minimum amount of coverage that you have to take. The minimum is usually $4.00-$6.00 per pound depending on deductible portion.

What do you need to do when choosing insurance coverage and moving company?

Estimate the value of your possessions before selecting insurance coverage. You need insurance coverage that fits your specific needs.
Review the moving companies insurance coverages before choosing a mover.
Check with Better Business Bureau about the mover profile and reviews at
Check with DOT about licensing and companies insurance at
Ask the mover for recommendations.

Good Companies for buying extra moving insurance protection are: Baker at and Moving Insurance at

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