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From our personal moving experience, we will try to make your household goods move a smoother move.

Ask for on-site moving estimate. On-site moving estimates are free.
Make a detailed, itemized list of your household goods before moving day.
Decide whether you want to pack the household goods by yourself or hire movers to do the job. We suggest you to buy some packing materials regardless.
Pack Before Move date: Pack in advance it will save you time and money on moving day.
In the summer, pack the winter clothes first and put them on the side.
Box up the items that you do not really use in the last few days before move day.
It is a good idea to organize some clothes, shampoo, toothpaste and other items that you are going to use in the last week before move date in a bag or in one place in the house. That will help you to organize the rest of your belonging.
Don't forget to fill out change of address forms in the post office and to return library books.
Make sure that you will have a place to stay in the night of your move and in the following nights up to the time of the delivery.
Get enough rest one day before the movers arrive. Do not stay up packing all night.
On moving day, make sure that your list of items and the mover's list are similar.
Make sure that the mover gives you a copy of the contract, inventory and other necessary documents.

You can use our website to receive free moving estimates and quotes from moving companies in your area.

Good Luck. Site Map.

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