Moving FM Privacy Policy

MOVING FM website takes your privacy very seriously. Please read the following information about privacy policy. This Privacy Policy applies to all users of Moving.FM website.

We use the website to provide you with moving information, moving products, moving companies, resources, moving tools, and free moving quotes.

We will protect your privacy and security. Your sensitive, personal information will be secured. In order to service you, a third party, the moving companies that will provide you the free moving quotes, must be involved. No one else except us, our partner website and the moving companies that will provide you with your free moving quotes, will acquire this information.

We need to collect some personal information in order for us to assist you with an accurate moving quotes. How we collect your personal information will depend on how you use our free moving services. Personal information that we usually collect include: First and last name, moving from and moving to information, telephone numbers, Email address and the number of your home / apartment rooms that you are moving to know your move weight. Other Information we collect may include your IP Address and some more personal information that will be required when moving a car, office, piano, small vessel or other special moving services.

Our website is safe. We will keep your personal information as safe as possible, but we can't guarantee a total security, no website can guarantee a total security.

Third Party Websites: Moving.FM contains links to other web sites. We are not responsible for privacy practices or content of those third party websites.

Changes in Our Privacy Policy: We can decide to change our privacy policy at any time without a prior notice. You are advised to check our privacy page periodically for privacy policy changes.

If you have any questions about Moving.FM privacy policy you can contact us by Email Site Map.

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